Wholesale Rolex Replica Watches makes a flying start to the year (I)

With a new CEO and confirmation of its leadership in the high-end segment, Rolex enjoys an enviable position, not to mention an alleged appearance among rioters in Milan.

It’s a touchy subject. For Rolex at least. That its name should be linked to the rioters who spilled onto the streets of Milan on the opening day of Expo Milano 2015 – and by prime minister Matteo Renzi no less – didn’t go down well. According to the head of the Italian government, the destruction wreaked on the city centre was the work of “the usual thugs in hoodies and spoiled brats with Rolexes.” Rolex was quick to riposte, in the person of Gianpaolo Marini, CEO of Rolex Italy, who published an open letter in several national newspapers: “As a Milanese myself, I can only admire the sacrifice and devotion of the police. I must, however, express my profound regret and disappointment at your words, which associate smashing shop windows with wearing a wholesale Rolex replica watches fo. […] The enormous impact of your words has unacceptable consequences on the image of Rolex which finds itself associated with the devastation in Milan and subversive violence.”

Gianpaolo Marini went on to ask Matteo Renzi to retract his comments. While not wishing to add fuel to the fire, the photo which allegedly supports Renzi’s claim is hardly convincing. It shows a black-clad rioter in a hood. She is holding spray cans and wearing a watch. It would, however, take a brave man or woman to categorically affirm that the Replica Rolex Datejust watch in question is a Rolex, and more to the point a genuine Rolex.

A sixth CEO

Apart from this little blip on the horizon, the sun continues to shine on Rolex in 2015, which is also the year Jean-Frédéric Dufour, ex-Zenith, takes up his functions as the new chief executive. News of Dufour’s appointment dates back to April 2014, but given the brand’s habit of vetting the finer points of every process, things naturally take time. In particular when the “thing” in question is the investiture of a new and hopefully long-term CEO.

Dufour is the third incumbent since the surprise resignation in 2008 of Patrick Heiniger, now deceased. He follows on from Bruno Meier (2008-2010) and Gian Riccardo Marini (2011-2015). All their predecessors, in contrast, enjoyed much longer tenures, beginning with Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf (1905-1960) and his two successors, André Heiniger (1963-1992) and son Patrick (1992-2008). After fourteen months adjusting to his new role, Jean-Frédéric Dufour will officially take up office on June 17th, at the Rolex general assembly.

20% of the high-end market

Dufour will take the reins of a company which appears to be doing better than ever before, bearing in mind that financial information isn’t made public: Rolex belongs to a foundation whose accounts are one of the most closely guarded secrets in the entire canton of Geneva. The best indications of its business are financial analyses by the likes of Vontobel, a private bank in Zurich whose forecasts are taken seriously by industry observers. It states that in 2014, Rolex confirmed its leadership position in the segment for cheap Rolex replica watches for sale with an export price above CHF 3,000 (retail price ± CHF 8,000). With sales of 780,000 watches last year generating turnover in the region of CHF 4.5 billion, Rolex is thought to have cornered 20% of this market, ahead of Omega (17% – 720,000 watches) and Cartier (13% – 620,000 watches). Again according to Vontobel, they are followed by Patek Philippe (4%), Audemars Piguet and Breguet (2% each), then Vacheron Constantin (1%), all brands with smaller production but significantly higher average prices.

Better still, Rolex is believed to have progressed more than Cartier and Omega (which gained around 5% on last year), thanks in particular to a strong presence in the US market which grew 6.2% in 2014 at a time when Asia was struggling.

Wholesale Replica Rolex Masterpiece Watches UK Shop Online

Sports Rolex replica watches with titanium cases are now de rigeur for many luxury brands, but few may realize how revolutionary such a watch seemed back in 1980, when Porsche Design launched the very first such timepiece, the Titanium Chronograph. The new replica Rolex Masterpiece watch collection, called Chronotimer Series 1, which debuts at this week’s JCK watch and jewelry show in Las Vegas, hearkens back to that groundbreaking watch as well as the very first replica Rolex Masterpiece watch, 1972’s Chronograph I.

The Porsche Design Chronotimer Series 1 represents a significant step for the brand, which was founded by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche (1935-2012), grandson of the car company founder and designer of the legendary Porsche 911. It is the first complete top Rolex replica watches collection independently developed and manufactured by Porsche Design Timepieces AG, based in Solothurn, Switzerland. (Most recently, replica Rolex Masterpiece watches were produced by the Swiss company Eterna as part of a licensing agreement, but that partnership ended in March 2014.) The Chronotimer 1 family consists of 11 references and offers a variety of case finishes and strap/bracelet options.

Porsche Design Chronotimer_1 Ref. 4046901408718

All the cases are 42 mm in diameter (like the original Porsche Design Chronograph I, which debuted in 1972), water-resistant to 50 meters, and made of titanium, the lightweight-but-sturdy, skin-friendly material pioneered by the Titanium Chronograph in 1980 and adopted by numerous Replica Rolex Masterpiece watchmakers since then. The bezels are available in brushed titanium, black PVD-coated titanium, and 18k rose gold, while the dial options are black, dark blue, and carbon fiber. Wearers can secure the Chronotimer to their wrists by means of a leather, fabric or rubber strap, or a titanium bracelet.

Porsche Design Chronotimer_1 Ref. 4046901408732

The movement in all the fake Rolex watches is the tried-and-true ETA Valjoux 7750, an integrated chronograph caliber with  48-hour power reserve and 3 o’clock date indication, which was also used as the engine of the watches’ early-’70s forebear, the Chronograph I. A black-tinted sapphire crystal caseback allows a view of the movement, including its distinctively styled Porsche Design rotor.

The Porsche Design Chronotimer 1 collection is set to debut at retail in July 2015, at prices ranging from $4,450 to $7,950. Scroll down for more product photos of the various new models. And check out coverage of the JCK and Couture shows later this week for more details and live photos of the Chronotimer as well as other new replica Roelx watches making their debut in Vegas.

Porsche Design Chronotimer 1 Ref. 4046901408770

Top 10 Rolex Replica Daytona References

This week our focus is on the Top 10 Rolex Replica Daytona references, both for all models made as well as for all (vintage) models before 1990. We did an article on the Daytona models before, from the introduction in 1963 till introduction of the most recent models. From 1963 till 1988, the Rolex Daytona was a hand-wound chronograph using Valjoux 72 movements. From 1988 till 2000, Rolex used a tweaked El Primero movement for their Daytona models. In 2000, Rolex introduced their in-house caliber 4130 chronograph movement for the most popular chronograph in the world.

In this List we show you the Top 10 Rolex Daytona references for vintage models up to 1990. This includes those first (Zenith) El Primero Daytona references, 1652x. The other overview is a Top 15 Rolex Daytona references overview includes all requests for cheap replica Rolex Daytona watches, including the most recent ones. We made the overall list a bit longer, to include as much references as possible.

Top 10 Rolex Daytona References

Our overviews are based on data from on-line replica watches consumers. Per list we will indicate the countries from which we used the data, as this will vary to keep it interesting. It will be interesting to see how much taste in watches can differ per country and continent. Data is retrieved from Chronolytics.ch, watch market research company that operates under the flag of Ebner Verlag.

For these two overviews, we requested data from Q1 2015. Based on 1,000,000 unique requests for Rolex Daytona ads/classifieds only, world wide. Perhaps interesting for you to know, the average price of a Daytona in the ‘vintage’ category was €43.036.- Euro while the average price of a Daytona in the overall category was €18.680,- Euro. However, keep in mind that some ads of Daytonas have a ‘price on request’ mention, so  that might suggest they have very high price tags.

Top 10 Rolex Daytona References – Vintage

Top 10 Rolex Daytona References - Vintage

Top 15 Rolex Daytona References – All Years

Top 10 Rolex References - All Years

Above, you’ll find the Top 10 Rolex Daytona References (1963 – 1989) and the Top 15 Rolex Daytona References (1963 – now). It is interesting to see that in the overall list, the ‘real’ 4-digit vintage reference number is only on #11. The majority of the million tracked people searching for a Rolex Daytona is looking for a modern piece. The reference 16520 is ranked 2 in the overall overview, but our guess is that these are mainly latest replica Rolex Daytona watches later than 1990 since in the vintage Top 10 Rolex Daytona References overview, the ref. 16520 (1988 -1990 in this list) is ranked #4. The Rolex Daytona reference 6262, only made for one year (1970) and perhaps one of the rarest references, is ranked #5 in the Top 10 overview.

The absolute number 1 in the vintage Top 10 overview is the reference 6263, perhaps with Paul Newman dial the most sought-after Rolex Daytona anyway. An interesting write up on these vintage Daytona reference numbers was done by our friends from Hodinkee.

With regards to the overview of all Rolex Daytona references, the modern stainless steel 116520 performs best. When asked which dial color is more popular (black or white), the black dial receives 51% of the total demand for them and the white gets the remaining 49% of the interest.

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Aurel Bacs reveals why he left Christie’s and explains his strategy with Rolex replica watches uk.

Cast your mind back to November 10th 2013. After Christie’s extravagant “Lesson One” sale in Geneva for the 50th anniversary of the Rolex Daytona (“Lesson One” sends best replica Rolex watches into orbit), Aurel Bacs, the star of the evening, took his final bow after a decade-long career with the auction house. All kinds of wild guesses were made as to the reason for his departure at the top of his game, and what his next move would be. Eighteen months later he returns, as passionate as ever.

Why did you leave Christie’s at end 2013?

I didn’t agree with the strategy to always want to sell more. I prefer a “less is more” approach: only take the best of the best. Quality over quantity.

What have you been up to since then?

First I took a few months off to travel with my wife, Livia. Then in June 2014 she and I set up our own company, Bacs & Russo. In November we started putting together Rolex Replica Sea Dweller watches department.

So you’re not employed by Rolex…

No. Bacs & Russo is one entity, Phillips is another, and Rolex in association with Bacs & Russo is yet another.

Why not simply join the auction house?

It was important that I remain independent. My wife and I want to make ourselves available to every collector, to give advice, valuations, and for private sales. With Phillips, we each brought our best expertise to the table.

What ambitions do you have with Rolex?

To prove that in the world of collecting, nothing matters more than the human element and the object itself. Despite all the technology, the internet and the apps, traditional values are still a priority for the truly passionate collector. They are even prepared to pay more for real services and true expertise.

What is your involvement in this new watch department?

I put all the teams together, in the United States, England, Geneva and Hong Kong. For this session, I was also involved at every stage, from sourcing the Replica Rolex Submariner watches to selection, estimates and presentation. My personality comes through in all of this.