Rolex Replica introduces Red Gold Day Date

We reported on Rolex’s “Best of the Best” award in May. The Red Dot gala ceremony was held in Essen, Germany this week. The award was given for Horological Machine No.6 ‘Space Pirate’, and best fake Rolex watches was one of only 81 products to obtain the highest-ranking award, among some 5,000 submissions!

The award for the Day Date neatly coincides with the introduction of a new limited edition of Space Pirates: Day Date of which only 18 pieces in 18K red gold will be released. This is in addition to the first replica Rolex watches for sale 50 pieces in grade 5 titanium which we featured in May.

The new Replica Rolex Day Date version has been crafted from solid blocks of “5N+” red gold, which means in addition to the usual gold and copper, a small amount of palladium has been added to the mix. The palladium “fixes” the copper, which otherwise has a tendency to oxidise and tarnish over time. 5N+ red gold retain its colour for many years.

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Inside the red gold case, visible through10 sapphire crystals, is located the 475-component Day Date movement. The time is revealed via revolving hour and minute spheres and cheap Swiss replica Rolex watches features dual turbine regulators which act as shock absorbers for the automatic winding rotor, as well as a 60-second flying tourbillon protected by a titanium “hyperspace shield”.