The Most Elegant Recommendation: Blue Dials Rolex Cellini Date 50519 Hot Watches Knockoff UK

Cellini Date collection has very practical functions which are basic and necessary. Today’s model has a harmonious and noble color application. Rolex Cellini Date fake watches with blue leather straps are driven by Cal. 3165, self-winding mechanical movements with perpetual rotors. The blue Parachrom hairsprings can resist shocks and magnificent fields. The Swiss mechanical movements with COSC certifications can save 48-hour power.

The delicate Rolex Cellini replica watches have 39mm shiny white gold cases with domed and fluted dual bezels. Their hour markers are slender white gold indexes. Their central three gold hands show the hour, minute and seconds. Besides, there is a sub-dial with a small gond hand at 3 o’clock showing the date. The blue dials have sun-ray effects. The domed sapphire-crystal glasses are scratch-resistant to protect the neat dials.

Rolex copy watches with white gold hands are one of the most elegant Rolex watches. The main color blue brings a calm and decent feeling to the first impression. The blue dials and leather straps, shiny white gold markers and hands all contribute to a noble and exquisite image, appealing and charming.