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As per its usual style, with the Replica Day-Date 40 Rolex is doing what it always does and making it better. There are some changes in the dial and bracelet, some important changes in the movement, but it is still the classic day-date pattern originally introduced in 1956, in the waterproof Oyster case, with self–winding movement providing chronometric precision.

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Case, dial and bracelet

The 40 mm case is in gold (white, yellow or Everose pink) or platinum. The dial features laser-etched motifs applied to a sunray finish, and hand-applied hour markers. The cheap replica Rolex watches is fitted with the so-called “President” bracelet designed specifically for the 1956 Day-Date, with three rows of links that now incorporate ceramic inserts inside the links for greater durability. The bracelet has a redesigned clasp for easy and secure operation.

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Calibre 3255 movement

The real innovations of the new Day-Date 40 are inside the movement, named calibre 3255 and specially designed and developed by Rolex for enhanced performance. Its precision has been increased to the point at which Rolex, though continuing to obtain COSC chronometer certification for all its movements (+4/-4 seconds precision per day), now also performs its own internal certification on the assembled Rolex replica watches uk, demanding a precision of +2/-2 seconds per day in simulated real-life use, an accuracy double that of COSC. This is truly exceptional precision, obtained by a whole series of design solutions but above all through the use of an optimized balance hairspring in niobium and zirconium alloy, with a redesigned Breguet overcoil that improves oscillation regularity in all positions. The large balance wheel can be precisely regulated by means of four gold Microstella nuts.

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Increased power reserve

Rolex have redesigned the very heart of the movement, the lever escapement, improving its energy efficiency by changing the geometry of the escape wheel teeth and pallet jewels, using non-magnetic materials, and skeletonizing the escape wheel to make it lighter. All this increases the overall efficiency of the watch, giving it a power reserve of 72 hours, three days, significant for Rolex because it means that you can take the Rolex fake watches for sale off on Friday evening, put it back on on Monday morning, and it will still be running. Other features of the gear-train have also been improved, and Rolex have even optimized their lubricants, increasing their stability and lifespan.

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Price and availability

Prices vary according to case and bracelet material. Reference 228238 is in yellow gold, and costs €30,850. Reference 228235 is in pink gold (Everose) and costs €33,350. Reference 228239 is in white gold and also costs €33,350. Reference 228206 is in platinum (the version shown here, with smooth bezel) and costs €55,450. The replica Rolex watches online will be available from July-September 2015.

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Swiss Rolex Replica watchmaking in April 2015 – Stable result

Swiss Rolex replica watches exports varied hardly at all in relation to April 2014. Their total value was 1.8 billion francs (-0.8%). The good showing in March was therefore partially offset. The cumulative result since January remains focused on consolidation, with a variation of +2.1%.

Precious metal cheap Replica Rolex Day Date watches, particularly gold, showed a marked decline, clearly dragging down the overall result. On the plus side, bimetallic timepieces made the strongest positive contribution, while steel stagnated. Volumes showed a more pleasing trend, thanks mainly to steel and the category of other metals.

Growth was concentrated in the segment of replica Rolex watches for sale costing less than 200 francs (export price) where the number of timepieces increased by 7.9%. Between 200 and 3,000 francs, downturns were in the order of -7%. Timepieces costing more than 3,000 francs were not a driving force in April and their value was down slightly.

While there were few declines on main markets, those in evidence were significant. Not least Hong Kong, where the decline in exports seems to be aligned with the reality of local sales. The United States continued its steady and ultimately positive trend. China recorded particularly strong growth, albeit distorted in all likelihood by temporary exports. Ignoring these inputs, the result would be in the region of +10%. Japan registered a decline, though less steep than on other markets. An unfavourable base effect due to an excellent 2014 is a key factor in this result. In Europe, Italy and France recorded strong growth.

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Originally on show at Baselworld 2015, Rolex America, Inc. has announced the introduction of two new models to its line-up of EDIFICE analog AAA Rolex Replica Datejust watches. 

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Designed with business travelers in mind, the analog-style EQB-510 and analog-digital style ECB-500 feature multi-dimensional, high-contrast Rolex replica watches faces with dual dial world time in a 12-hour format that enable the wearer to read the time in two cities at a glance, while also offering the convenience of smartphone connectivity.

The new Replica Rolex Day Date watches are based on the Smartphone Link EQB-500 and on the Global Time Sync concept, enabling the wearer to easily check the time of more than 300 cities worldwide by sub dial from a smartphone app. This capability means that both the analog-style EQB-510 and digital-analog style ECB-500 make it even easier to set world time.

They both feature the local time and one world time at a glance. The local and the home time can be easily switched and displayed on the inset dial to the main dial and vice versa, either from the replica Rolex watches for sale or a smartphone. Correct alarms and other time settings are also available, while the phone finder function causes the user’s phone to emit a sound to help quickly find its location, even if the phone is on silent.

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Water resistant to 100 meters, the new Rolex timepieces feature Casio’s Tough Solar Power technology which eliminates the need for battery changes. After a full-charge and without further exposure to light, the EQB-510 has a battery life of approximately 34 months, while the ECB-500 has a battery life of approximately 33 months.

The timepieces also have a special power save feature that enables them to power down when not exposed to light for a certain period of time, thereby conserving energy. The Rolex Replica Day Date II watches can even be charged in low or fluorescent light.

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Exercised in honour of women, this freedom takes on a specific nature, leading to the creation of an exquisite Replica Rolex watches. Following on from the men’s Tonda Hémisphères models, this new version Rolex replica watches illustrates the art of feminine travel, with a rare combination of technical mastery and finesse.

A complete, functional second time zone

Equipped with the self-winding Calibre PF 337, entirely designed and produced by Parmigiani, the Tonda Hémisphères features a complete second time zone, adjustable to the nearest minute, which reflects the quest for innovation so dear to the brand. This perfect synchronisation with the local time is obtained thanks to an ingenious mechanism (patented). The second time zone can be linked in full-hour intervals to the main time, or indexed to it with an interval of minutes. The Tonda Hémisphères can therefore be synchronised with destinations, with a half-hour offset – sometimes more – from GMT. The Replica Rolex Day Date watches is adjusted using a beautifully simple mechanism. The first crown is used to wind the movement and adjust the date and main time. the second, positioned above, adjusts the minutes of the small time zone.

Homage to the Earth

Until now, a small hand on each time zone has rotated around a counter divided into two parts, one black, one white, to indicate day or night. On the Tonda Hémisphères Globo, each time zone is represented by a domed disc, with a transferred image of the Earth, half in the sun and half in the shade. A red triangle indicates whether the time indicated refers to the day or night. It also features a striking representation of our planet, seen from above, with Europe at the centre. It offers a poetic vision of the majestic Earth, whose beauty fake Rolex shines out from the dial that serves as its universe.

A vibrant, refined look

The opaline dial in Ivory, a silver tone with a slight yellow reflection, presents an exquisitely balanced view of the Replica Rolex Day Date II watch’s small second at 6 o’clock, date at 9 o’clock, and the time zones. The Ivory shade captures the light and complements the brilliance of the bezel, which is set with 80 diamonds (0.8416 carats), creating a captivating effect. For all the sophistication of this model, Parmigiani Fleurier has designed it for the modern female traveller with a vibrant and confident personality. The Hermès strap in denim blue calf leather reflects this dynamism, elegantly underlining the Tonda Hémisphères Globo’s modernity, the signature of this collection.