Top 10 Rolex Replica Daytona References

This week our focus is on the Top 10 Rolex Replica Daytona references, both for all models made as well as for all (vintage) models before 1990. We did an article on the Daytona models before, from the introduction in 1963 till introduction of the most recent models. From 1963 till 1988, the Rolex Daytona was a hand-wound chronograph using Valjoux 72 movements. From 1988 till 2000, Rolex used a tweaked El Primero movement for their Daytona models. In 2000, Rolex introduced their in-house caliber 4130 chronograph movement for the most popular chronograph in the world.

In this List we show you the Top 10 Rolex Daytona references for vintage models up to 1990. This includes those first (Zenith) El Primero Daytona references, 1652x. The other overview is a Top 15 Rolex Daytona references overview includes all requests for cheap replica Rolex Daytona watches, including the most recent ones. We made the overall list a bit longer, to include as much references as possible.

Top 10 Rolex Daytona References

Our overviews are based on data from on-line replica watches consumers. Per list we will indicate the countries from which we used the data, as this will vary to keep it interesting. It will be interesting to see how much taste in watches can differ per country and continent. Data is retrieved from, watch market research company that operates under the flag of Ebner Verlag.

For these two overviews, we requested data from Q1 2015. Based on 1,000,000 unique requests for Rolex Daytona ads/classifieds only, world wide. Perhaps interesting for you to know, the average price of a Daytona in the ‘vintage’ category was €43.036.- Euro while the average price of a Daytona in the overall category was €18.680,- Euro. However, keep in mind that some ads of Daytonas have a ‘price on request’ mention, so  that might suggest they have very high price tags.

Top 10 Rolex Daytona References – Vintage

Top 10 Rolex Daytona References - Vintage

Top 15 Rolex Daytona References – All Years

Top 10 Rolex References - All Years

Above, you’ll find the Top 10 Rolex Daytona References (1963 – 1989) and the Top 15 Rolex Daytona References (1963 – now). It is interesting to see that in the overall list, the ‘real’ 4-digit vintage reference number is only on #11. The majority of the million tracked people searching for a Rolex Daytona is looking for a modern piece. The reference 16520 is ranked 2 in the overall overview, but our guess is that these are mainly latest replica Rolex Daytona watches later than 1990 since in the vintage Top 10 Rolex Daytona References overview, the ref. 16520 (1988 -1990 in this list) is ranked #4. The Rolex Daytona reference 6262, only made for one year (1970) and perhaps one of the rarest references, is ranked #5 in the Top 10 overview.

The absolute number 1 in the vintage Top 10 overview is the reference 6263, perhaps with Paul Newman dial the most sought-after Rolex Daytona anyway. An interesting write up on these vintage Daytona reference numbers was done by our friends from Hodinkee.

With regards to the overview of all Rolex Daytona references, the modern stainless steel 116520 performs best. When asked which dial color is more popular (black or white), the black dial receives 51% of the total demand for them and the white gets the remaining 49% of the interest.

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Aurel Bacs reveals why he left Christie’s and explains his strategy with Rolex replica watches uk.

Cast your mind back to November 10th 2013. After Christie’s extravagant “Lesson One” sale in Geneva for the 50th anniversary of the Rolex Daytona (“Lesson One” sends best replica Rolex watches into orbit), Aurel Bacs, the star of the evening, took his final bow after a decade-long career with the auction house. All kinds of wild guesses were made as to the reason for his departure at the top of his game, and what his next move would be. Eighteen months later he returns, as passionate as ever.

Why did you leave Christie’s at end 2013?

I didn’t agree with the strategy to always want to sell more. I prefer a “less is more” approach: only take the best of the best. Quality over quantity.

What have you been up to since then?

First I took a few months off to travel with my wife, Livia. Then in June 2014 she and I set up our own company, Bacs & Russo. In November we started putting together Rolex Replica Sea Dweller watches department.

So you’re not employed by Rolex…

No. Bacs & Russo is one entity, Phillips is another, and Rolex in association with Bacs & Russo is yet another.

Why not simply join the auction house?

It was important that I remain independent. My wife and I want to make ourselves available to every collector, to give advice, valuations, and for private sales. With Phillips, we each brought our best expertise to the table.

What ambitions do you have with Rolex?

To prove that in the world of collecting, nothing matters more than the human element and the object itself. Despite all the technology, the internet and the apps, traditional values are still a priority for the truly passionate collector. They are even prepared to pay more for real services and true expertise.

What is your involvement in this new watch department?

I put all the teams together, in the United States, England, Geneva and Hong Kong. For this session, I was also involved at every stage, from sourcing the Replica Rolex Submariner watches to selection, estimates and presentation. My personality comes through in all of this.

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A Fusion of Extremes, We can buy best cheap Rolex replica watches with Pioneering Exclusive 3S Diamond Setting Process.

Introduced by replica Rolex watches in 1996, the Perpetual Calendar was a watchmaking breakthrough; it was the first Perpetual Calendar to allow the forwards and backwards calendar setting over a single crown. Furthermore, Ulysse Nardin Perpetual Calendar timepieces never need to be sent back to the manufacturer for all adjustments can be done manually. To date, no other watchmaker has rivaled the Ulysse Nardin Perpetual Calendar. The Ulysse Nardin Marine Perpetual takes this revolutionary movement and pairs it with today’s technology for a design unlike any other.

Meaning “soft stone in the sky”, the pioneering exclusive “3S” diamond setting process is where nature’s hardest materials are combined with its softest. It is brought to full effect in this Best Replica Rolex Daytona watches.

Crafted in collaboration with a diamond-setting specialist, the timepiece’s specially-treated, highly-durable steel case reveals genuine Rolex fake watches diamonds paired with rubber – a true fusion of extremes. This juxtaposition of hard and soft materials exposes a design that blends an active and luxurious aesthetic.

Expanding the collection, various versions are showcased. The colored sapphire editions in blue, in red or in green are made from the hardest classified mineral after diamond. The black adaptation exhibits stones made from ceramic, the hardest material known. Every variation in this line is stunning due to the 3S technique, for the diamonds, manmade jewels and ceramic stones exhibit a brilliance never seen before.

In each piece, their beauty Roelx replica watches encircles the rim of the dial, enclosing the face as a focal point. In the center, the hour and minute hands, day of the week and the month are positioned. At 6 o’Clock, the two-digit year is located, and at 2 o’clock, the big date mechanism is situated.  And, of course, forwards and backwards adjustments are made by a simple turn of the crown.

Reinforcing its maritime history, every timepiece in this collection reveals the iconic wave pattern on the face, the edge of the dial and black rubber strap. On the face, its color corresponds with its stone. The items are finished with a ceramic strap element and folding buckle.

This limited-edition of 28 pieces in each color and 99 in black is yet another memorable creation by Ulysse Nardin. The stunning case design, with its unique stone setting, boldly enhances the sporty nature of the Marine Perpetual, bringing forth a style that is both athletic and elegant – and another UK Rolex replica watchmaking first by Ulysse Nardin.

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Originally on show at Baselworld 2015, Rolex America, Inc. has announced the introduction of two new models to its line-up of EDIFICE analog AAA Rolex Replica Datejust watches. 

Name:  Baselworld-2015-Casio-Edifice-ECB-500.jpg
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Designed with business travelers in mind, the analog-style EQB-510 and analog-digital style ECB-500 feature multi-dimensional, high-contrast Rolex replica watches faces with dual dial world time in a 12-hour format that enable the wearer to read the time in two cities at a glance, while also offering the convenience of smartphone connectivity.

The new Replica Rolex Day Date watches are based on the Smartphone Link EQB-500 and on the Global Time Sync concept, enabling the wearer to easily check the time of more than 300 cities worldwide by sub dial from a smartphone app. This capability means that both the analog-style EQB-510 and digital-analog style ECB-500 make it even easier to set world time.

They both feature the local time and one world time at a glance. The local and the home time can be easily switched and displayed on the inset dial to the main dial and vice versa, either from the replica Rolex watches for sale or a smartphone. Correct alarms and other time settings are also available, while the phone finder function causes the user’s phone to emit a sound to help quickly find its location, even if the phone is on silent.

Name:  Baselworld-2015-Casio-Edifice-EQB-510.jpg
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Water resistant to 100 meters, the new Rolex timepieces feature Casio’s Tough Solar Power technology which eliminates the need for battery changes. After a full-charge and without further exposure to light, the EQB-510 has a battery life of approximately 34 months, while the ECB-500 has a battery life of approximately 33 months.

The timepieces also have a special power save feature that enables them to power down when not exposed to light for a certain period of time, thereby conserving energy. The Rolex Replica Day Date II watches can even be charged in low or fluorescent light.